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Best Gun Safe Reviews

Although we have tried to include the best gun safe in the above comparison guide still there are some of them which need to be reviewed here so that you get more information about the best safes. We have tried to review some of the best selling and ever-popular models from different brands so that there is a variety to choose from. Just go through these home safe reviews and select the best gun safe which meets your requirements and budget. (more…)

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Top 5 best home gun safe brands

If you have a gun in your house, it is not only about your protection from intruders, but also protecting your family by keeping the gun in a safe place. This is the main reason you need to purchase a gun safe; one of the proper places where you can keep any type of firearms.

Let’s have a look at the top five gun safe brands in the market: – (more…)

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How to select the best gun safe

With a number of different biometric fingerprint gun safes are available on the market, it is difficult to select the best gun safe. There are a few factors that need to be looked at while buying a gun box.  One of the most important factors to consider is the best fingerprint scanner of the safe so that it works without any problem and for a long time.

Other factors include the thickness of metal used to make pistol safes. Generally, gun and pistol safes with thickness from 12 to 7 gauges are available. The safes with 7 gauges are the thickest and nearly impossible to break into. Thickness also determines the price of safe thicker safe will cost more. So the boxes with a thickness of 10 or less are best.

Next is the number of locking bolts used to lock the biometric pistol safe. More the bolts tougher is it to break open. Generally, safes with 4 or more locking bolts are considered pretty good. Another factor is fire safety which is very important as the house fires can reach 1200-1400 degrees F very quickly. So a fingerprint gun safe with good fire safety rating is a must. Better buy a fireproof gun safe.

Other points to consider are the size of your biometric gun safe should be sufficient to meet your current and future requirements. The location of placing the safe box can also influence the choice as in-wall gun safes, hanging gun safes are also available. Not to forget the warranty provided by the companies for these home gun safes. (more…)

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Winchester Gun Safe Reviews: Buying Guide 2019

When it comes to purchasing a gun safe, many of us would like to shop around and look for what serves our needs best. However, there are some of us who are diehard fans of a particular brand, and would only narrow down our search for offerings from that brand itself.

With Winchester having established itself since 1886, they are one of the oldest in the gun safe industry, offering quality, integrity, and reliability in their products for more than a century and counting now. Every item in this Winchester safes review guide has been tested and is burglar-proof, which further increases the legendary aura around the name.

Winchester is also willing to throw in a replacement guarantee which will entail a free replacement safe, free locksmith service to unlock the safe, and free curbside delivery as a show of confidence in their products.

In the event where a Winchester safe is damaged by a burglar or is destroyed in a fire, the victims need not fret about forking out more money to purchase a new safe since a similar or comparable model will be sent to their doorsteps.

All of Winchester’s safes will feature a two-year warranty on the lock alongside a limited lifetime warranty on the safe itself. We have taken a look at the different kinds of gun safes offered by Winchester, and have rounded up the best possible gun safes from the company for the year 2019. (more…)

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Tips to Move a Gun Safe

For many people who own guns, having a safe to keep the guns is always a priority. Now that you have bought your gun safe, the next thing would be moving it into position so that you can install it. The store where you bought the safe can offer to deliver the safe and then tough work of moving it into the house now starts at this point. If it is the first time you are attempting to move in a heavy safe, check out the following tips to get you started. (more…)

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Field And Stream Gun Safe Revew

How do you buy a Field and Stream gun safe?

If you are a collector of field and stream guns, you would also understand the responsibility of storing them in a secure manner. Otherwise, when these guns are not stored in a field and stream gun safe, your guns could fall in the hands of people who might use it unlawfully or in the hands of young children who would get hurt. As a responsible citizen, you do not want anyone of the incidents to occur. (more…)

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4 Important Questions to Ask Before You Buy a Gun Safe

Buying a safe requires some planning and understanding of your needs. If you are looking to buy a safe, you must have a specific reason. Whether you want to keep your guns safe, your jewelry safe, or your documents protected, there are some things to consider before buying a safe. Ask yourself the following questions to help you determine what type of safe you will need.

What will you be storing and protecting?

To start answering this question, look at what is irreplaceable. Things like birth certificates, deeds, insurance policies, testaments, priceless jewelry, guns, flash discs or other computer backup devices, etc. are what you will most likely be protecting.

What type of gun safe do you need?

You get different types of safes: wall safes, floor safes, and weapons safes. Your decision will be based on the items you want to protect, space, budget, and the number of things you want to protect. Wall safes cannot carry a lot of weight and are only good for papers and some light jewelry items. Not all safes have the capacity to store weapons, but weapon safes have enough space to store other items.

How much protection will you need against fire and water damage?

Fire and water are two of the main things that cause damage and loss of valuables apart from burglary. Take into consideration factors like the proximity of the fire department, the likelihood of fire breaking out near your safe, the likelihood of extreme weather patterns or floods, etc. These factors will help you know what type of security features your safe needs.

What is your budget for a gun safe?

Budget is always an important factor. Most gun safes will cost you a bit of money, but see it as an investment. If you buy a good quality safe with good security features, you can use it for years to come and your valuables will be safe. Rather spend more on protecting your guns and other valuables than pay triple that to replace things or experience the pain of losing things that are irreplaceable.

Based on the answers to these questions, you are ready to go and get your safe. Remember to take measurements for where you plan to put the safe. This will help save time and help you plan.

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4 Reasons Why Firearm Owners Should Have a Gun Safe

In America, it is your right to own and carry a firearm. Many people take this right very seriously. Guns are good to have for protecting you and your family, but if they are not stored correctly, they may cause the injury or loss of your loved ones. Owning a gun is a big responsibility and part of that responsibility is keeping your family safe from them. To do this, you should buy a gun safe.

The top reasons why gun safes are necessary

To protect your children from gun injury

Hundreds of children die every year because of gun-related accidents. To protect your children, make sure that your firearms are stored away where they cannot find it. Ensure that only you have access to the safe and that there is no chance for children to accidentally find a firearm in your home.

To prevent burglary of your weapons

Guns may be some of the most valuable possessions in your home. This makes them a good target for burglary. Keep them safe and prevent them from being stolen and potentially sold illegally.

To protect your family from your guns

Keeping your guns in a safe keeps your family safe from accidental injury. A safe also makes it easy to access your firearm when your home and family are in danger. You probably own a gun for exactly that purpose. If you are the only one who can get into the safe, your gun can save your life and also prevent burglars from using it against you.

To protect your guns from fire

When a fire breaks out, a gun safe will keep everything inside safe from the fire. When buying your safe, you should buy one that has the highest fire rating your budget allows you to buy. It will also keep your valuables safe from water if there is a flood.


Besides these reasons, some states require gun safes. These laws are called ‘safe storage laws’ and aim to protect children from gun-related accidents. For the safety of you and your family, having a gun safe is the best thing you can do if you own firearms of any kind. Do the right thing.

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Liberty Safes: 3 of the Best Liberty Series Gun Safes

Liberty Safe has been creating safes for centuries. They are one of the most well-known safe companies in the world and almost every gun owner in America has a Liberty or wants one. Liberty safes have the widest range and sturdiest safes around. Liberty safes are not cheap, but this is because of the high quality, strength, and fire resistant features. There are over 30 different models available across different series of Liberty safes.

This is a few of the safes that Liberty Safe has brought us:

Revolution Gun Safe

The Revolution safe is the best option for those working with a budget. Because of the high-quality materials and fail-safe methods, no Liberty safe is cheap. The Revolution will, however, suit the pocket well. It is still of a great quality and is great for a first safe. There are three different sizes and despite it being an entry-level model, it has a 30-minute fire rating.

Franklin Series Gun Safes

The Franklin safe series is very popular, especially with gun owners. The different models in a series are named after the number of guns the safe can hold. For example, the Franklin 25 can hold up to 27 guns. The actual number of guns you will be able to fit in depends on the size of the guns. The Franklin has 3 different sizes of which the largest can hold up to 41 guns. The Franklin has a 75-minute fire rating and has security enhancements that make lock drilling and other methods very difficult to impossible.

Lincoln Gun Safe

The Lincoln also comes in 3 different sizes and is a great option for larger guns. It has a 90-minute fire rating which places it at the top compared to its competitors. It uses 4 layers of fireboard in the ceiling and 3 layers in the walls, door, and doorjambs. It is well-protected against fire and other elements and very sturdy. It has all the great qualities you want from a safe. The Lincoln has a wide range of accessory options and you can customize it to your liking and needs.

This is only 3 of the most well-known and popular Liberty safes. There are many more and they all offer the best quality you can expect from a safe. Liberty never disappoints.

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Run Down of A Sentry G4311 Gun Safe

If you are like me, and have guns and children, and you want to keep both of them safe, then a Gun Safe is the perfect thing for you to have! The Sentry G4311 firearm safe is a strong, very heavy, and secure 14-gun safe that can protect up to 8 rifles. It has three deadbolts on the front, and five on the top, bottom, and leading edges as well as close to the hinges. All the bolts are a once inch diameter, and are very strong and dependable. On the left side of the safe is an optional slot for a dehumidifier.  a

Sentry G4311 Gun Safe Overview

This safe has a shelf that is fully adjustable – there is even a false-bottom in this safe where you can place additional valuables.

The interior of this safe is lined with a material to keep it from scratching your guns stored in the safe. If you have a weapon such as a shotgun or rifle, the system of racks is fully adjustable with ease. On top of that, this safe has an impressive locking mechanism that is highly secure and comes with an impressive five-number electronic lock with manual key override. My guns stored inside are very easy to access and the guns can be taken out very quickly. My one problem with this safe is that lack of fireproofing. Although the walls are very thick, it has not been rated to withstand fire. This safe is incredibly heavy and unable to moved with ease – feel free to place more lead or heavy objects into the bottom or bolt it to the floor if you so with.

Sadly, the shelf in this unit is not carefree, and ammo could fall from the rear. Digging out loose ammo is sometimes a difficult task. Compared to a trigger locking mechanism or a gun-lock, this gun safe provides immense amounts of security and protection. The Sentry G4311 safe is a compact, sturdy, and safe container for firearms. Because of the immense weight, it cannot be stolen with any sort of ease. Although this safe is not cheap, it is easily worth the price-tag.

If you store a lot of firearms in one place, and desire to keep it away from children or from being taken, a firearm safe would be the right purchase for your home. Sentry gun safes are secure, easy to handle, and affordable. And Sentry is one of the top safe making manufacturers in the U.S..

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