Run Down of A Sentry G4311 Gun Safe

If you are like me, and have guns and children, and you want to keep both of them safe, then a Gun Safe is the perfect thing for you to have! The Sentry G4311 firearm safe is a strong, very heavy, and secure 14-gun safe that can protect up to 8 rifles. It has three deadbolts on the front, and five on the top, bottom, and leading edges as well as close to the hinges. All the bolts are a once inch diameter, and are very strong and dependable. On the left side of the safe is an optional slot for a dehumidifier.  a

Sentry G4311 Gun Safe Overview

This safe has a shelf that is fully adjustable – there is even a false-bottom in this safe where you can place additional valuables.

The interior of this safe is lined with a material to keep it from scratching your guns stored in the safe. If you have a weapon such as a shotgun or rifle, the system of racks is fully adjustable with ease. On top of that, this safe has an impressive locking mechanism that is highly secure and comes with an impressive five-number electronic lock with manual key override. My guns stored inside are very easy to access and the guns can be taken out very quickly. My one problem with this safe is that lack of fireproofing. Although the walls are very thick, it has not been rated to withstand fire. This safe is incredibly heavy and unable to moved with ease – feel free to place more lead or heavy objects into the bottom or bolt it to the floor if you so with.

Sadly, the shelf in this unit is not carefree, and ammo could fall from the rear. Digging out loose ammo is sometimes a difficult task. Compared to a trigger locking mechanism or a gun-lock, this gun safe provides immense amounts of security and protection. The Sentry G4311 safe is a compact, sturdy, and safe container for firearms. Because of the immense weight, it cannot be stolen with any sort of ease. Although this safe is not cheap, it is easily worth the price-tag.

If you store a lot of firearms in one place, and desire to keep it away from children or from being taken, a firearm safe would be the right purchase for your home. Sentry gun safes are secure, easy to handle, and affordable. And Sentry is one of the top safe making manufacturers in the U.S..

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