Tips to Move a Gun Safe

For many people who own guns, having a safe to keep the guns is always a priority. Now that you have bought your gun safe, the next thing would be moving it into position so that you can install it. The store where you bought the safe can offer to deliver the safe and then tough work of moving it into the house now starts at this point. If it is the first time you are attempting to move in a heavy safe, check out the following tips to get you started.

Know more about the gun safe you are to move

Every manufacturer will make safes of different dimensions, weight, and shape. You will have to study more about the safe before you can start to prepare a strategy to move it. The most important aspects to consider are the weight, size, and shape. The weight will determine if you can move in the safe on your own or have some additional people come in to help with the whole process. As for the size, it will determine the entry point into the house or office. If the front door is small, you have to think if the other entrances are available.

For those who want to rely on technology, there are apps today that can help with moving a gun safe into your house. They will not lift the safe, but the apps will help calculate the possible route to move the safe into position based on the size and other things. This should help you stay organized from start to finish and they are often free, so do not worry about spending more on the apps too.

Get the right moving equipment

It is not going to be easy to move the safe using your bare hands. You might have to get creative at some point. Having the moving equipment helps a lot with making the task to be easier, faster and still safe. Having to move the safe without the equipment sometimes can be hard as you do use a lot of manual manpower. Comparing that to equipment such as electric stair climbing equipment, and the moving gets a lot easier.

Some of the important moving equipment you will need include things like steel rollers, heavy-duty hand trucks, and aluminum plates. The equipment can be more or less depending on the weight and size of safe you have to move. The most important aspect to keep in mind is choosing the best equipment that can handle the work at that moment. This will, of course, come back to the quality of equipment you are supposed to use. Imagine having poor quality equipment that can break down when moving the safe upstairs. This could lead to some serious injuries if you are not careful.

Still, on equipment, it brings up the issue of whether to buy or lease. In this situation, it would be cheaper if you lease the equipment. It is not as if you want to move into the business of moving safes into people’s houses. There are some tools which might have more than one application, so it would make sense if you get to buy them.

Find people to help with the moving

At some point of moving the safe, you might need to seek help from other people to get it moving. The worst can be when moving an overweight and large safe into the house. You will need one person for directions while the others for lifting in some cases. This just shows that there is no way of moving in a safe can be the job of one person.

It is also not just about getting help from anyone, you will need a professional in the industry. The worst can be when moving the safe and you get stuck in a place where you cannot come out. Having at least one professional on board should help to provide guidance on how to move the safe easily into position. You will see that everything goes to plan when everyone knows what has to be done to easily move the safe.

Come up with a moving strategy

Now that you have your equipment and an extra pair of hands and muscle, it is time to come up with a great moving strategy for your safe. The equipment is only good based on the techniques used to move the safe. Having a wrong technique could lead to breaking or even worse injuries when moving the safe. With your moving crew, come up with a detailed plan on how you will move the safe into its mounting location. This sometimes will involve having to move some furniture from the way to gain more space. Also consider moving the pets if they seem to be on the way, among other things that can be a hindrance. Just like that, you will have an easy time moving your new safe into the position faster and safely.

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