Winchester Gun Safe Reviews: Buying Guide 2019

When it comes to purchasing a gun safe, many of us would like to shop around and look for what serves our needs best. However, there are some of us who are diehard fans of a particular brand, and would only narrow down our search for offerings from that brand itself.

With Winchester having established itself since 1886, they are one of the oldest in the gun safe industry, offering quality, integrity, and reliability in their products for more than a century and counting now. Every item in this Winchester safes review guide has been tested and is burglar-proof, which further increases the legendary aura around the name.

Winchester is also willing to throw in a replacement guarantee which will entail a free replacement safe, free locksmith service to unlock the safe, and free curbside delivery as a show of confidence in their products.

In the event where a Winchester safe is damaged by a burglar or is destroyed in a fire, the victims need not fret about forking out more money to purchase a new safe since a similar or comparable model will be sent to their doorsteps.

All of Winchester’s safes will feature a two-year warranty on the lock alongside a limited lifetime warranty on the safe itself. We have taken a look at the different kinds of gun safes offered by Winchester, and have rounded up the best possible gun safes from the company for the year 2019.

Winchester Safes Review 2019

Big Daddy

“Plenty of room for rifles, handguns, ammunition, and other miscellaneous items”

Winchester’s Big Daddy obtained its name from its obviously wide stance and immense capacity upon opening the door.

In other words, this is the ideal safe for most folks who would like to have ample room for their growing number of firearms, in addition to other knick-knacks, collectibles, and precious jewelry or documents.

Normally, something as huge and secure as this would cost a bomb, but somehow Winchester has managed to offer plenty of good value for our hard-earned money with its extremely reasonable price tag, making this one of the more popular Winchester gun safes that are in the market. Just how much storage space does it have?

We are looking at a capacity of up to 48 long guns, with dimensions of 60 x 42 x 25-inches. Another thing that caught our attention was the 75 minutes of fire protection at 1400 degrees Fahrenheit, which is certainly better than the minimum recommendation of an hour by experts.

Five layers of fireboard are located in the door itself, while another three is installed in the body itself so that extreme temperatures from the outside will not harm the safe’s contents.

Palusol’s heat-expandable door seal also sees action in the Big Daddy, allowing it to swell up to 7 times its size so that all four sides of the safe door will be completely sealed in the event of a fire, offering protection from both heat and smoke damage.

With 12-gauge steel, a 4-way locking bolt system, recessed door, and reinforced doorjamb, we would say that the Big Daddy is fantastic mid-level security safe.

Apart from a lifetime warranty that covers materials and workmanship, burglary attack and fire damage, there is also an accompanying two-year warranty against lock defects.


  • Fire-resistant for up to 75 minutes, extremely spacious interior at a reasonable price.


  • Door not as thick as we would have liked it to be, but it is still decent enough.

Winchester Ranger Deluxe Gun Safe

Heavyweight safe that is difficult to steal and virtually impossible to drill out its lock

The Winchester Ranger Deluxe Gun Safe certainly lives up to the reputation of its namesake, ensuring that our contents stashed away within will remain safe and sound, barring an extinction-level catastrophe.

Touted to be fireproof for up to an hour at temperatures up to 1400 degrees Fahrenheit, the Winchester Ranger Deluxe Gun Safe will feature three layers of fireboard in the door, while the body contains two layers of fireboard.

The door itself will be accompanied by Palusol’s heat-expandable door seal, quickly expanding when it detects rising temperatures around it to prevent the contents of the safe from experiencing heat and smoke damage.

As for the lock found on the Winchester Ranger Deluxe Gun Safe, it sports a hard plate that is virtually impossible to be drilled out by a burglar.

There is a choice between a mechanical or an electronic lock, depending on which is more convenient, and with a 560-pound weight, it would be extremely foolish for anyone to try to cart away the Winchester Ranger Deluxe Gun Safe in the middle of the night.

With a 24 gun capacity, we find this to be the ideal safe for most suburban homes and residential areas.


Hard plate prevents drilling of the lock, extremely heavy weight makes it untenable to cart the safe away.


Fireproof capability might be deemed as too short by some, batteries for the keypad drain rather fast which requires constant monitoring and replacement.

Ranger Deluxe

Different sizing options provide the luxury of choice for the consumer

It can be rather tricky to find the perfect balance in a gun safe that offers functionality without breaking the bank. Winchester begs to differ with the Ranger Deluxe mid-level security safe that delivers similar features across different kinds of sizing options.

We were stoked to see our choice for the Ranger Deluxe fall under small, medium and large options. Do not be misled by the ‘small’ category, though that variant is still able to stash up to two dozen long guns.

Our eyes also glanced over the medium variant which can carry up to 30 different long guns, while the large option has enough room to hold a maximum of 51 long guns.

With that in mind, we would advise interested buyers to pick a size that one can grow into in due time, as opposed to growing out of.

The Ranger Deluxe range will come with what seems to be the bare minimum Winchester standard of 60 minutes of fire protection at 1400 degrees Fahrenheit.

The presence of the Palusol heat expanding seal will also increase the protection level of the Ranger Deluxe safe, as all the contents stored within will be kept out of heat and smoke damage.

The ability to withstand such high temperatures for an hour can also be attributed to the three layers of fireboard which have been installed in the door, as well as another two in the body.

On the outside, the Ranger Deluxe’s body will use 12-gauge steel, while a reinforced door jam keeps it company. Prying attempts will end up in failure, courtesy of the 4-way locking bolt system which will incorporate 18 solid bolts which will protect all four sides of the recessed door design.

Winchester has also ensured that the lock remains protected by a titanium drill resistant hard plate, while an auxiliary re-locker will also assist against any kind of lock tampering efforts.

It is nice to see a gray carpet line the interior of the Ranger Deluxe to prevent item damage during storage and moving, while an organizer which is mounted on the door panel will help keep things neat and tidy within. Available in granite gloss and black gloss shades, these basic colors match ought to find a niche in just about any home or office.


Mechanical or electronic lock options, high-security levels that prevent the drilling of the lock, heat-resistance.


The door could be thicker for the larger sized variant.

Winchester Defender 35 Tactical Gun Safe

Included LED light kit provides easy viewing of contents even in the dark

We would like to ensure that our growing collection of guns is always kept in a safe and secure place, and the Winchester Defender 35 Tactical Gun Safe offers the sweet spot with a capacity to hold up to 46 guns.

We like the fact that the Winchester Defender 35 Tactical Gun Safe has an adjustable slide-lock shelf system as well as an accessory door panel organizer, allowing us to customize the kind of items that we can store within.

Not only that, the accessory door panel organizer will help keep all of the miscellaneous items in place without shifting around or getting lost as the safe starts to build up its inventory.

Apart from that, the included power dock system sports USB outlets will allow us to charge up compatible devices in a secure manner.

With the installed LED light kit, we need not turn on the lights anymore when accessing the contents of the Winchester Defender 35 Tactical Gun Safe, since everything will be well lit from within upon opening.

The 12-gauge steel body will feature a drill-resistant hard plate, while its recessed door design makes it all the more pry-resistant.

Similar to most of the other Winchester safes reviewed so far, the Winchester Defender 35 Tactical Gun Safe will have a fireproof rating of up to 1400 degrees Fahrenheit for 60 minutes before the possibility of heat and smoke damage occurs.

During that 60 minutes, the Palusol heat-expanding door seal will react to the surrounding heat by stretching up to half a dozen times its original size to prevent smoke and heat damage to the interior.


EMP-resistant electronic lock, anti-pry tabs, and deadlocking bolts offer great security without having to break the bank.


Rather heavy for its size, but that can also be seen in a positive light.

Winchester Bandit Series

Lower capacity safe that has room for rifles and some valuables

Not everyone is able to afford a large and comfortable living space, so those who are saddled with space constraints and yet want a decent gun safe might want to consider the Winchester Bandit 9, 10 and 14 safes.

Regardless of which model is picked, all of them will feature either an electronic or mechanical lock, depending on the buyer’s choice.

We found the Winchester Bandit series to be worth weighing up as an option for folks who would like to straddle the middle line of a lower capacity safe with some room to spare for additional valuables.

Arriving in a rather compact form factor, the Winchester Bandit series would not find it a challenge to fit into tight spaces.

Security features of the Winchester Bandit series include a pry-resistant recessed door, a reinforced steel door jamb, half a dozen locking bolts, and external cast steel strap hinges.

When it comes to fire protection, the Winchester Bandit series is capable of withstanding temperatures of up to 1200 degrees Fahrenheit courtesy of the dual fireboard layers in the door, with a solitary fireboard layer in the body.


Great for those who have to work with a limited amount of space and yet want to have a reasonably secure gun safe.


Rather limited fire protection capability.

Winchester Biometric Gun Safe

A little extra to keep those rifles company

While the mantra of bigger being better has often been thrown about in a rather free-spirited manner, we do understand that not everyone is a big fan of rifles or long guns.

What about those who are on the lookout for a gun safe from Winchester that caters for pistols? Enter the Winchester eVault Biometric Gun Safe, measuring 7 x 11 x 12-inches while tipping the scales at a relatively lightweight 16 lbs.

Featuring 16-gauge steel that encases its contents, the Winchester Biometric Gun Safe will be accompanied by a one-year limited warranty.

What makes the Winchester eVault Biometric Gun Safe special compared to a regular gun safe would be the inclusion of a fingerprint reader, allowing quick and ready access to the handguns within in the event of an emergency security situation, be it at work or at home.

We found the fingerprint reader to be reliably consistent in our everyday use, although we have yet to use it under the guise of an adrenaline-pumped moment when our palms are all sweaty. Since it is a pistol case, do take note that there is limited storage space associated with the Winchester Biometric Gun Safe.


The fingerprint reader works remarkably well, tough for a gun safe of this size.


Slightly more expensive compared to other similar gun safes in its class, limited storage space of two pistols at most.

Winchester Slim Daddy Gun Safe

Impressive level of fire protection at a reasonable price

The Winchester Slim Daddy Gun Safe intends to stand out from the crowd by offering a decent level of price-to-performance ratio. For starters, we found that the composite door has been upgraded to feature an impressive five layers of fireboard within the door, while the body would see three layers included.

To ensure that contents in the Winchester 18 Gun Safe will remain free from smoke and heat damage in the event of a fire, a Palusol heat-expandable door seal is also part of the configuration.

All of the above mentioned will work together to deliver a 75-minute gun safe fire rating at temperatures of up to 1400 degrees Fahrenheit.

The safe is made out of 12-gauge steel and will come with a drill resistant hard plate, an auxiliary relocker, all topped up by a pry-resistant recessed door.

In order to further increase the security of its contents, there is a reinforced steel return door jamb, while titanium disk lock protection makes it virtually impossible to drill through the lock.

Opening the door of this Winchester 18 Gun Safe will reveal a door panel organizer that sports 8 pistol pockets as well as 5 zippered pockets. We like the idea of including a power docking station, which paves the way for charging up our electronic devices in a safe environment, while the installed white LED light kit ensures easy visibility at all times.


Built-in light kit and power docking station, reasonably high fire rating of 75 minutes for its price.


Not able to store rifles or long guns, steel is not as thick as we would like it to be.

Treasury Winchester 26 Gun Safe

Longer than normal fire rating with a thick steel body makes this a decent purchase

We absolutely love gun safes that have fire protection of more than an hour, as we deem that to be the bare minimum for this particular feature.

Thankfully, the Winchester 26 Gun Safe is able to withstand temperatures of up to 1400 degrees Fahrenheit for a whopping 90 minutes, where the additional half-hour of time provides an ample window of opportunity to put the surrounding fire out.

This is made possible thanks to the door’s five layers of fireboard, while the body carrying three layers of fireboard with four layers on the top. A Palusol heat-expandable door seal ensures that smoke and heat damage is prevented during the first crucial 90 minutes.

In terms of security, the Winchester Treasury 26 gun Safe will boast of a 10-gauge steel body, a drill resistant hard plate, an auxiliary relocker, a specially designed recessed door that is virtually impossible to pry using a crowbar, a reinforced steel return door jamb, and anti-pry tabs.

Throw in 3-way solid steel locking bolts and a titanium disc to protect the lock, and this is as secure as it can get.

Opening up the door reveals a power outlet that is useful to plug in a dehumidifier to keep its contents free from humidity, while a motion-activated LED light system allows us to see everything inside without missing a beat.

The Winchester Treasury Gun Safe will arrive in gunmetal gray, saddle brown and burgundy shades which ought to see it fit in nicely with virtually any home or office.


Great value for money, especially with the improved fire protection rating.


The colors are rather dull in nature, but then again so are most of the other gun safes on the market.

Silverado Premier

Great security with an impressive fire rating and capacity

Winchester certainly went out of their way to impress with the Silverado Premier, as this is one particular gun safe that resides in the high-end range of their offerings.

We figured out if we would like to have peace of mind when it comes to storing valuables, precious jewelry, important documents, and of course, our collection of firearms, the Silverado Premier fits the bill perfectly.

Available in three different size options that will cater to various kinds of needs, the small version can carry two dozen long guns with the medium-sized version is able to hold 51 long guns.

The difference between the large and medium options is not much, as the former has enough space to stash away approximately 54 long guns.

While most of the other Winchester gun safes offer up to 1 hour of protection against fire at temperatures of up to 1400 degrees Fahrenheit, the Silverado Premier ups the ante by offering similar protection for up to 2 hours.

This is made possible courtesy of the five layers of fireboard that are installed within the door itself, while the safe’s body carries three layers of fireboard. In order to ensure a heightened level of security of its contents, Winchester also threw in a double layer Palusol heat-expanding seal that ensures no smoke and heat damage happens to the precious content within.

It has a body that is made from 10-gauge steel, while the heavy-duty recessed safe door is safe from prying attempts courtesy of its 18 solid steel locking bolts that are strategically located along all four sides of the door.

A drill-resistant, titanium disk hard plate and an auxiliary relocker will make any attempts at drilling and tampering with the lock virtually impossible.

Arriving in a sleek, beveled edge design, the Silverado Premier will carry both granite gloss and black gloss color options. To keep things up to date, there is also a power docking system within that is accompanied by Ethernet and USB connectivity.


High fire safety rating, power docking system inside that keeps it futuristic, is extremely durable and secure.


Very little to complain about the Silverado Premier, other than the fact that it has only two color options.

Legacy Premier

High-end flagship model that has everything we want in a gun safe

On the Last spot of Winchester safes review post, we have The Legacy Premier

If money’s no object for us, then we would look no further than the Legacy Premier from Winchester. This is the top-of-the-line model and should be one of the candidates for anyone who is seriously looking for a great, long term investment that will protect their valuables and of course, beloved firearms.

Two variants of the Legacy Premier are available – the small model that will hold 24 long guns and yet tips the scales at close to half a ton, while the large-sized model will more than double the storage capacity at 54 long guns, weighing in at close to a whopping 1,700 lbs.

Delivering a jaw-dropping 2.5 hours of fire protection at 1400 degrees Fahrenheit, it is the perfect safe for anyone whose abode is located some distance away from the closest fire station.

While we would always recommend a safe to be placed on a concrete floor with as little flammable material around as possible, the durability of the Legacy Premier makes it reasonable enough to be placed on a wooden floor.

A dual-layer Palusol heat expanding door seal will further enhance the safety of the items stashed within whenever it detects high temperatures around it, sealing off all four sides to prevent smoke and heat damage.

Thick 10-gauge steel makes up the body of the Legacy Premier while featuring 14 thick solid steel locking bolts that are 2-inches in size, ensuring the recessed door remains tight against the body at all times.

Regardless of either one picks from the mechanical or electronic lock, a titanium disk, and drill resistant hard plate will help in the security measures. There is also an auxiliary relocker that will be called into action in case there is an attempt made to drill through the lock itself.

A power docking system within keeps the comfortably lined interior updated with the latest technology, sporting a couple of power outlets, an Ethernet port, and a solitary USB port.

This makes it useful for including other accessories within, such as lighting solutions or perhaps a dehumidifier. With granite gloss and black gloss being the only color choices, the Legacy Premier is certainly a safe that can last us a lifetime.


This is as safe as it can get, boasting of exemplary fire resistance while remaining future forward with power outlets, Ethernet and USB connectivity within.


Limited color choices might be a turnoff for some, but it is really a small matter.

Wrapping Up

Now that you know about safes and the nitty-gritty from our Winchester safes review, we are sure after reading, you will end up buying a great piece of a gun safe which shall keep your ammo safe and sound.

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