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How do you buy a Field and Stream gun safe?

If you are a collector of field and stream guns, you would also understand the responsibility of storing them in a secure manner. Otherwise, when these guns are not stored in a field and stream gun safe, your guns could fall in the hands of people who might use it unlawfully or in the hands of young children who would get hurt. As a responsible citizen, you do not want anyone of the incidents to occur.

Important Rules to Consider Before You Invest In These Gun Safes

Before you decide to buy a Field And Stream Gun Safe you have to understand what is the basic objective that you want to achieve when you buy these specialized gun safes. Is your objective is to prevent the young children in your home from touching them or protecting them from thieves. If you want to secure your gun safes from thieves then you would have to use a high-quality steel safe which has many lock adjustments and offer specialized services too. Other factors that you need to consider are:

Would you build a customized gun safe or a model that is available in online stores?

Depending on your budget you can decide whether you would require a customized gun safe or a popular model that is available in online stores. You have to keep in mind that customized gun safe is more costly than the popular ones available in the online store. If you have an expensive collection of guns, using custom made gun safe would be a good investment.

What is the material used to build these safes?

When you are building a customized gun safe, a heavy steel material would be ideal. The weight of your field and stream gun safe would be heavy and it cannot be broken easily also, like a light steel gun safe, which can be broken with a simple ax.

What is the mechanism used to secure these gun safe?

When you have an expensive collection of field and strife guns, you would want the mechanism in your gun safe to be 100% full proof. These gun safes have large pins in the side which prevents the burglar from opening them. Good quality safes have these large pins at the bottom of the safe as well at the top. You can also use electronic locks which have special codes which you only know about.

Does your gun safe have to be fire-resistant too?

When you store your expensive guns in these safes, they have to protect the guns from fire. Most safes use basic fire protection standards and can stand heat up to 1200 degrees F for a duration of 30 minutes. Use material to make your gun safes which give you fire seal and fire safety for around a hundred minutes.

What would be the position of your gun safe?

Most safe construction experts prefer a basement to keep your expensive gun collection safe. Also, this would also be a place where there are no electric cables which could create circuits and fire also. If your home does not have a basement, then you have to build a special closet that would store your Field And Stream Gun Safe.

What would be the size of your gun safe?

How many guns you have and how many are you planning to buy would indicate the size of your gun safe. If you have a good collection then you can have safes of around 30 inches. The gun safe would hold over twenty guns comfortably. But if you have more action rifles, the size could be increased to another 10 inches.

What are the other preparations that you need to take?

When making a customized gun safe, do not forget to do the following things which are:

1.    You should drill holes on the floor in the area where you would be keeping safe. These holes are needed to bolt your gun safe in a secure manner. If the safe is sitting on a concrete area, you can use anchor bolts and put blocks under the safe.

2.    Do not place the gun safes over a carpet.

Once you have your gun safe ready place your gun collections and secure it properly. Memorize the lock combination and also store the combination in a safe place. Your field and steam guns are precious, it is best not to speak about them. Otherwise you might create unnecessary trouble for yourself.

Field & Stream® 1871Pro Series 49 + 10 Gun Fire Safe

When protection and security really matter, then you have to go with this safe: the Field & Stream® 1871Pro Series 49 + 10 Gun Fire Safe. Offering premium features such as the multi-adjustable interior storage with the integrated door panel. You will be able to store an amazing 49 long guns and 10 handguns.
You can be sure not a single intruder will be able to get into this safe. There are solid 1.5″ locking bolts on all for sides of the door. Drill-resistant steel plating behind the locks. Nobody, except you, will be able to access your guns.

As a top of the line safe, you can expect it to be what you are expecting.


  • ETL verified for 30 minutes at 1400 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Four number electronic lock can be reset to your preferred combination
  • Internal lock reset button
  • Drill-resistant, hardened steel plate behind lock provides a higher level of security
  • Ten total locking bolts including seven live-action and three deadbolts
  • 1.5″ steel bolts are located on all four sides of the door
  • The recessed door is pry-resistant
  • Five-spoke spin handle in chrome
  • External hinges
  • Predrilled anchoring holes including four at the center back and six on the bottom
  • Two anchoring screws are included
  • Black matte pebble external finish with Field & Stream® name and eagle graphic
  • Full interior graphite gray carpeting on the body of the safe
  • ETL verified and California DOJ approved
  • Capacity: 49 long guns, 10 handguns
  • Model: HEH00605


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