How to select the best gun safe

With a number of different biometric fingerprint gun safes are available on the market, it is difficult to select the best gun safe. There are a few factors that need to be looked at while buying a gun box.  One of the most important factors to consider is the best fingerprint scanner of the safe so that it works without any problem and for a long time.

Other factors include the thickness of metal used to make pistol safes. Generally, gun and pistol safes with thickness from 12 to 7 gauges are available. The safes with 7 gauges are the thickest and nearly impossible to break into. Thickness also determines the price of safe thicker safe will cost more. So the boxes with a thickness of 10 or less are best.

Next is the number of locking bolts used to lock the biometric pistol safe. More the bolts tougher is it to break open. Generally, safes with 4 or more locking bolts are considered pretty good. Another factor is fire safety which is very important as the house fires can reach 1200-1400 degrees F very quickly. So a fingerprint gun safe with good fire safety rating is a must. Better buy a fireproof gun safe.

Other points to consider are the size of your biometric gun safe should be sufficient to meet your current and future requirements. The location of placing the safe box can also influence the choice as in-wall gun safes, hanging gun safes are also available. Not to forget the warranty provided by the companies for these home gun safes.

Types of gun safes

There are various types of best-value gun safes that you can find in the market based on price like under 500  or under 1000 dollars. Some of them have been mentioned below;

  • Handgun safe: – With a handgun safe, you will be able to keep your handgun near you at all times. The dimension of the handgun safe is mostly very small when you compare it to all the other safes in the market. They come along with biometric scanning as well as fingerprint analysis and a lot of other protective layers. However, for the right person, opening it is extremely easy and very fast, thereby ensuring appropriate protection at all times.
  • Drawer gun safe: – Drawer gun safe is a gun safe in a drawer, preferably to be located in your dressing room drawer. Such type of gun safes is very discreet, and would only be able to store a single firearm due to its small size. These are to be hidden from plain view so that unwanted people would not be able to steal a glance at it. The drawer gun safe would take up a certain amount of space so that the space for being the clothes or other stuff will become small.
  • Pistol safe: – The pistol safe is a small safe, which can be programmable, and it also comes with a spring-loaded door along with an electric keypad. In this particular safe, you can always keep the pistol handy and you could also keep small discrete items that are sensitive in nature in that particular safe. It will contain ample protection to keep it away from the hands of unwanted people. Moreover, with new pistol safes in the market, you find that there are added layers of security provided within such safes.
  • In-wall gun safe: – The in-wall gun safe is probably the most discreet when it comes to gun safes. They are built within the wall of the house, and the main purpose is to keep it hidden from plain view. You will be able to find it in various dimensions, and you can store a lot of stuff within such kind of gun safe. It comes with ample protection in terms of fingerprint analysis and the entire aspect of bells and whistles that normally accompany a flexible safe. The in-wall gun safe is also more than likely to be a permanent installation, so it would be economical if you only get such kind of safes in your permanent house, and not on your rental property.
  • Under bed gun safe: – These types of safes are normally located under the bed. It is very important for the people to feel safe when they are in bed, and the location of the firearm just under the bed can help them to have a good night’s sleep. In case there are any nighttime intruders, one can swiftly get under the bed, take of the firearm, and be ready for anybody that would be trying to break into the house. Moreover, these safes are also built with appropriate protection to keep the sensitive material within the safe away from the hands of people that are not meant to see it.
  • Bedside gun safe: – The bedside gun safe is another prime example of how perilous the world has become. This kind of gun safe is located just beside the bed, so that one will be able to reach the firearm that is stored within that particular safe, and use it in case of any type of emergency. With such types of safes costing pretty low, it should not be a problem for you to purchase them for your security issues.
  • Modular gun safe: – The modular gun safe is the latest entrant in the market and also amongst the most costly from this category as well. However, it also comes with a lot more features in terms of safety and security when compared to all the other safes. Moreover, due to its modular design, you would be able to get it transported as well as assembled within a very short period of time. They come with efficient warranties and also provide protection in terms of fire and water for the contents located within the safe.

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