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Now if you thought the Colonials were nice, wait until you see the Franklin and fatboy safes.

These safes are Liberty’s top big gun selling safes offering the best price to feature ratio on the market.

There are a whopping 14 feature upgrades verses the Colonials. First is increased fire protection at 75 minutes, buying more time for the fire department to show up. Security is beefy too, with Liberty’s tough door.

Dx-90 Monster Mech.

The over center cam means no side bolt punching. We even add a larger piece of inner-steel door plate for that extra toughness against prying. The Franklin bolts are 25% bigger and extend 33% longer to increase door security. We even double the number of top and bottom door bolts.

Toughness and security turns into flexibility on the inside.

Every Franklin and fatboy safe receives the revolutionary 4-in-1 flex interior. Four different interiors; all in one safe. We add Liberty’s battery operated bright view lights that automatically turn on when you open the door.

You can even plugin electrical devices, such as a dehumidifier, into our newest high-tech electrical outlet, with usb and Cat 5 connections. The deluxe door panel adds a cool pocket to help keep documents 50 degrees cooler during a fire.

Three models are available in Franklin.

The larger 25 and 35 and the 50 size. There are more Franklin color choices than Colonial, like our popular white marble. Gloss models are updated with our pin-dot velour fabric. Corner scrolls on marble safes and pin stripping on gloss models give a touch of class to Franklins.

America’s #1 selling big gun safe, the fatboy, is a Franklin equivalent safe.

The fatboy has big gun capacity; up to 64 guns, a door panel and 75 minutes of fire protection.

Nothing beats the FATBOY’s for size and value.

Since 2005 Lincoln safes have been rated #1 by Sportsmen, and Hunters, Nationwide for design, quality and organizational function. Let us show you the feature upgrades that make the Lincoln the top choice. We’ll start on the inside where we install our best Clearview wand lights for a bright look that is cool to the touch.

All Lincoln models, including textured and marble finishes, receive Liberty’s plush pin-dot velour interiors for that classy look and feel. Velvet lined jewelry drawers help organize jewelry, coins and watches. We keep valuables dry by including a 12-inch dehumidifier. Plug it into Liberty’s new electrical outlet kit and let it go to work. Liberty’s premium door panel adds more pockets and is trimmed with decorative color edging.

Close the door and you’ll find our upgraded 5-point sure tight handle, 7. And Liberty’s beautiful traditional logo. Liberty adds a touch of class with pin stripping and corner scrolls to all gloss models.

And there’s more ultra-rich gloss and marble colors on the Lincolns. From style to security we upgrade Lincolns with the best anti-drilling feature; Liberty’s unique ball-bearing hard plate. Drill this safe and snap.

A thief won’t get into this bad boy. All Lincoln safes are upgraded with S&G’s 6730 lock for longer durability and consistency.We top off the #1 Lincolns with 90 minutes of fire protection. Including four over three, plus three layers.

It’s one tough fire safe. A Liberty customer from Maryland recently told us about his Lincoln safe. “i haven’t been this excited about a purchase of any sort in a long time”. We agree. Some days you just want to go and sit by it.

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